In Japanese, Mizu means water…

Water is a vital element of all life, a source of health and well-being, and a universal spa essential. Combining this element with our highly effective facials, massages, body treatments and nail services, we have created a place of ultimate tranquility to heal and nurture the mind, body and soul.

Water is also the second character of Feng Shui, a practice created over five thousand years ago in China centered in the art of placement and movement of chi or natural energy through our surroundings . Inspired by the art of Feng Shui, we designed Mizu to achieve optimal harmony and to harness the positive energy from our environment.

Our treatments are also custom designed with each individual guest in mind as we understand every client is unique and deserves special attention. We invite you to indulge in the Mizu experience as our treatments and highly trained professionals are committed to your well-being.



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