COVID-19 Consent Form

This must be completed one time only, prior to your 1st appointment back with us. Any non completed consent forms will need to cancel your appointment per City Mandates.


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This must be completed one time only, prior to your 1st appointment back with us. Any non completed consent forms will need to cancel your appointment per City Mandates.

These are additional safety precautions and sanitation requirements to minimize the spread. We're proud that our boutique excels in meticulous hygiene protocols. While at Mizu Spa, we ask that you be mindful and respectful of other's personal space. Patience is key while everyone adjusts to this new normal. Thank you.

Mizu Spa COVID-19 Guidelines

  In addition to our already required and implemented sanitation protocols of the CA State Board of Cosmetology, we are following all mandatory SF County and Department of Public Health Covid-19 health orders (C19-07h Appendix A). We are required by law to post a checklist of these mandates at our entry way.

  Salon is fogged every evening with HOCI (hypochlorous acid), a highly effective and naturally safe agent approved by the U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) as an effective disinfectant and sanitizer against COVID-19.

  Our staff will wear surgical masks, disposable gloves, and/or face shields at all times while working in the spa.

  Hand sanitizer and touchless soap dispenser are made available for clients.

  Our entire spa has clear protective screens installed at our front desk, in-between stations, and stand-up clear protective screens on Mani stations that are spaced 6 feet apart.

  All manicure/pedicure stations/tools, including high touch areas and surfaces, will be thoroughly disinfected and sanitized with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved hospital-grade cleaning agents. More info:

  Due to these extra precautions, we ask all clients to be patient in-between appointments as it will take extra time to thoroughly sanitize touch areas and surfaces.

  State guidelines do not allow clients to have multiple services performed at the same time such as mani & pedi together. If you are doing both mani & pedi, they will be performed one at a time.

  We will not be offering Facials at this time.

  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Client COVID-19 Guidelines

  Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment & wait to be escorted into the salon. We are operating at limited capacity & we kindly appreciate your patience.

  All clients are REQUIRED to wear a mask with sufficient protection upon entering and entire duration while inside our spa. No bandannas, scarves, or spandex/linen face coverings allowed. You will be turned away and risk forfeiting your appointment without a refund.

  All clients are subject to a temperature check upon entering the spa.

  All clients will practice social distancing as much as possible while inside our spa.

  There will be no waiting area in our spa, so please don't bring additional guests or pets.

  All clients are required to wash their hands thoroughly with our touchless soap dispenser for 20 seconds before the start of your service.

  Please leave all personal items at home/car, and only bring your essentials (phone / keys / form of payment) to minimize placing your belongings on any surfaces.

  No outside food or drinks are allowed.

  Clients are NOT allowed to touch any color polish bottles from our Polish Display Wall. You can look for your colors and one of our staff will happily assist you.

  Our complimentary beverage service is discontinued at this time.

  DO NOT book a non-essential appointment if you have traveled within 14 days or been in close contact with individuals or groups outside your immediate household within a 2 week period. Please be proactive and reduce risk to others.

  Reschedule if you are showing any symptoms or feel mildly sick in any way. A mani or pedi can wait. Our 24 hr cancellation/reschedule policy is still in effect.

  Unfortunately promptly after your service, the usual stay for drying time is not allowed. Fan drying is also not permitted to restrict the spread of possible droplets and particles indoors.

  Be mindful of other guests' personal space and practice proper social distancing in the spa whenever possible.

  Once you have submitted a Consent Form initially, we'll have a record & you do not need to resubmit for following appointments.

  I acknowledge and give consent to have personal services done at Mizu Spa during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have reviewed, fully understand, and will comply with all Mizu Spa's COVID-19 Guidelines.

  I understand Mizu Spa has the right to refuse my service for any reason without refund if I'm not compliant with any of these health and safety protocols, or our spa's existing Terms policy.

  By submitting this consent form and booking an appointment, I understand the risks associated with close contact and receiving a personal nail service during this time. I will not hold Mizu Spa or any staff liable for any injury, illness, or health conditions that may arise.

Your information is private and will never be shared.

Any non completed consent forms will need to cancel your appointment per City Mandates.

Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

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